When where and why sex survey?

For the guys out there first…

  1. What age you first have sex?

  2. Best place you have had sex?

  3. Have you had unprotected sex?

  4. Have you watched porn with partner?

  5. Do you look at the c*ck in porn movies?

  6. Average number of times you masturbate in a week/day?

  7. Biggest age gap?

  8. Breats or ass?

  9. Ever had sex or sexual activity in public place?

  10. Would you feel comfortable enough to have a MMF threeway?

Answer #1
  1. 15
  2. in his car.
  3. no 4.no.
  4. yes.
  5. uhhh I don’t know.
  6. 2
  7. I have both :)
  8. the movies
  9. yes.
Answer #2
  1. 20
  2. In his friends bedroom
  3. On the lawn under the stars
  4. Definately yes
  5. Yes
  6. Dunno
  7. 2 Years
  8. Breasts
  9. Yep…in a classroom on the desk
  10. No way…
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