How can I pursuade mum to let me and my boyfriend share a bed?

I’m 16 and my boyfriends 17, were going on holiday, me, my boyfriend, 2 mates and my mum and her boyfriend, there double beds in each of the rooms and I want to snuggle up with my boyfriend in one of the double beds and go to sleep, I’ve fallen asleep on him before and we hug all the time lol I like him near me anyways I asked my mum if we could share a bed and she said no because she thinks with going to have sex wich is very unlikly because also in the room is going to be my 2 best mates and I would never have my first time infront of my too mates, that would just be like major weird but my mum says that my boyfriend will tell them to get out the room for a few mins while we’l at it, anyways im not gona sleep with him, im just gona snuggle with him on holiday, my mum said shel think about it, how can I pursuade her? x

Answer #1

your 16 and cant sleep with your boyfriend?:s

Answer #2

Really theres not much you can do. your mom doesnt want to imagine you and your boyfriend doing something else…but she cant help it. I say you just respect her decision, and maybe when your a bit older itd be better.

Answer #3

…you can’t…

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