What leaders do you think shares these personality traits?

What leaders do you think shares these personality traits?

-Feels that everyone has the same value. A leader is not superior to anyone. -Honest and Vulnerable. -A leader is respectful -Has a moral compass (clear from right and wrong)

Answer #1

I think the honest and vulnerable part would be tough to find. No politician can be truely honest. They could never become a leader if they were. Sad, but true. It comes down to a matter of degree.

I think Obama has most of these qualities to some extent, no leader has them all.

Answer #2

I know and work with some people that have those traits, but I don’t know of any world leader that has them…judging by actions, anyway.

Answer #3

By the way the conduct business, lead their causes or countries, what history tells us, by cause and action, action and reaction. How others view them. These attributes come from family values, morale values, goals, aspirations, intelligence and good sense of self and selflessness.

Answer #4

Thanks Guys :) Why do you think they all have those atributes?

Answer #5

President Obama. Just my opinion.

Answer #6

Oh and Nelson Mandella

Answer #7

Ghandi, and Barack Obama,

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