A little help with the planets.

What properties cause a planet to have more or less gravity? And which properties do not impact gravity? Im curious.

Answer #1

Most tell you flossheal is wrong. Since heavy has to do with weight and you need gravity for weight.

F = GMm/R²

There is the equation. G is just a gravitational constant. The big M would be the mass of the planet. The little m would be the mass of another object. (gravity is the attraction between two objects. are is the distance between the two objects.

So the gravity would depend on on the mass of the planet, the mass of the other object, and the distance between the objects.

Usually the smaller mass is so small compared to the planet its almost insignificant, but the gravity in the planets orbit and on the ground can very greatly due to the distance.

Answer #2

Heavy planet = big gravity.

Light planet = less gravity.

Answer #3

Mass makes objects attract each other.

Answer #4

A massive denser planet will have high gravitational field strength, a less dense planet would have low gravitational field strength.

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