Why was Pluto a planet and not any longer?

All my life Pluto was a planet. Now it’s not? Why? Did it shrink or something? Did the definition change? Did it get kicked out of the club ‘cause it’s so far away?

Answer #1

They say they declassified it as a planet because it was small like an asteroid or something like that. Also there are more obiting small plantoids like it out there.

Answer #2

It hasn’t been a planet for a while. I believe its because of its size. Its rather small to be considered a planet so that’s why they took it out. On a more serious perspective, how the hell do people decide whats a planet and what isn’t?

Answer #3

yeah I always thought pluto was a planet just because it small I think it deserves to be a planet the poor thing but yeah I think its still a planet

Answer #4

don’t quote me this but I think it was ‘cause Pluto has an orbit thing around the sun so it was called a planet but its still too small so it’s technically a dwarf planet, or something like that. it’s been over a year since I did that stuff so I’m not entirely sure.

Answer #5

The definition of “planet” set in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) states that in the Solar System a planet is a celestial body that:

  1. is in orbit around the Sun,
  2. has sufficient mass to assume hydrostatic equilibrium (a nearly round shape),
  3. has “cleared the neighbourhood” around its orbit.

Pluto only has 1 and 2 going for it making it a dwarf planet. Pluto shares its orbital neighbourhood with Kuiper belt objects. Pluto is also only 1/5th the mass of our moon.

Answer #6

Its not a planet anymore because its too small.

Answer #7
Answer #8

Are you serious? Since when is pluto not a planet? And if its not a planet what is it? Xo:)

Answer #9

Really ? God ye learn something new everyday !! lmao… XO:)

Answer #10

Apparently its just too small to be a planet. Its more of a floating rock orbiting the sun.

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