Do you think mccain put a woman to get the female vote.

Do you think mc cain put a woman like vicepresident to get the female vote.

Answer #1

That was one factor of many (appeal to women - possibility of the First woman in History to attain that high office) - he got that and much more - an accomplished, intelligent, strong woman with integrity and solid core values.

Answer #2

Guys, I think that was one of those things where you pick them and then realize, oh she’s a girl, hm, well, I’ll get a few votes for this!

He got someone STRONG. He got a great Vice President, and quit bagging on him, she just simply happened to be a girl, who cares?


Answer #3

Okay, I live in the south and here, any woman who keeps poppin’ out babies, hunts, field dresses her own kill, loves guns, has a pregnant 17 year old daughter, and wears camouflage is a redneck. I can just hear the banjo music.

Answer #4

I know this is like a day old but I have to say I agree considerably will amblessed and goodgirl.

Answer #5

She’s not ready He ain’t either what if this dude like have a stroke or something she got to run the country please be forreal she needs to tend to her family not us.

Answer #6

I hope Hillary supporters don’t vote for McCain just because of Sarah Palin. She is the total opposite of Hillary. That’d definitely mean your very sexist.

Answer #7

Hmm, I think McCain picked Palin to be his running mate because she’s not only conservative, but, she may attract allot of Hillary supporters. I for one, am so glad Palin is going to be VP. She’ll do just fine helping McCain run this country.

Answer #8


Answer #9

No, that’s not the reason. He picked her because she’s new. He’s using the Obama strategy of new=change=good.

Answer #10

I think he made the choice based on her expierence and what she ahs done for Alaska in the short time she has been a mayor and gov. I also think he was thinking about the women voters. However, I think he made a good choice.. even if she was a man. I love the way she speaks. She is very down-to-earth and humble. She has a good head on her shoulders… I also have a soft spot for her since I am one of 5 children and my younger brother is a special needs child.

Answer #11

He put her on the ticket to energize the base, and also to get more woman voters, and possibly some hillary supporters. Any hillary supporter who would vote for McCoot because of palin would be voting against everthing Hillary stands for.

amblessed: “an accomplished, intelligent, strong woman with integrity and solid core values.”

That describes Hillary for sure, but your definition of integrity and core values seems to be anyone one who espouses ultra-right ring wing rhetoric and fanatical religious belief. Palin has little or no integrity or core values.

Answer #12

“quit bagging on him, she just simply happened to be a girl”

hillary clinton also happened to be a girl so did her daughter

anyway it seems that mccain put palin on his ticket not to gain female votes, but to shore up republican support and most importantly, the EVANGELICAL vote. smart political move, but im not convinced that palin has as much integrity as many people make her out to have

Answer #13

well obv. I mean ALASKA? how randum culd that be?

Answer #14

‘an accomplished, intelligent, strong woman with integrity and solid core values.”

treasuring family might be a core value. but outright LYING certainly isnt integrity

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