Dimensions do you believe in such a thing?

Well do you believe in such a thing…a different you doing something different with a different personality?

I’d like to think so…

What do you think?

Answer #1

Yes, I’m pretty open minded with that.. I am really into quantum physics, etc…I have journeyed before, not deeply or with much experience, but I know for a fact that when I came out of my body, I felt as though I was an infinite “nothing” but still “something”..more powerful and divine, if that makes sense. In our minds, the human mind, everything has perameters. Everything is only temporary. Even life! So, when leaving the body, I felt for a brief moment, what timeless really is, and it’s beyond words..so, YES, I do believe that we are with all the universe, here and now, but the body is a very limiting vehicle, thus stopping us from being aware of it.

Best Wishes Pandora

Answer #2

Dimensions? Sure, there are at least 4, possibly more.

I presume you mean alternate universes, though. The many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics allows for it, but probably not in the cool “universe where everyone has two heads” sense you’re probably thinking of.

Answer #3

doctorsaige: That was a beautiful answer.

I myself believe that dreaming is the ultimate reality since dreams can’t lie or fool us. When we are in the dream like state we are at the ultimate truth and reality for us.

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