what kind of Bra do i need for shirts with open backs or laced backs?

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but the whole back of the shirt is like totally bare. :-/ kinnda like this 1 wouldn’t you be able to see it still?

[link removed]

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uhg, the link was removed…..go to wet seals online store and look up “criss cross tunic”

Answer #4

Yeah, a strapless bra is when you don’t want straps showing, it wont help with something that is backless.

Actually there are backless bras. You kinda stick them on. You can pick these type of bras at any place that sells regular bras. You can try the following places:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Macys
  • JC Pennys
  • Victoria Secrets
  • Nordstrom
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hmm…..well where might one acquire such an item??? lol

Answer #6

i think they make like clear straps ( for the back) for stuff like that, i wuldnt put money on it tho,

Answer #7

Yoy can wear a bandu bra in a matching color. You will see it but its less tacky thwn seeing the back of a regular bra

Answer #8

I don’t really think a strapless will even work because a strapless just doesn’t have straps going over the shoulders. If i were you, in this case , i would get a strapless, but you still will be able to see it, just make sure it matches the shirt color :)

Answer #9

Well, if you have a wal-mart where you live…they have them there. I would assume any department store that has bra’s, has the backless bra’s. :)

Answer #10

Like she said. They’re pretty widely available…

Answer #11

Umm well they do sell this sort of bra that is just a gel and its sticky and you just put it on ur boobs and its wonderful lol. It has no back part. Just the 2 cups and some sticky stuff and it goes right on and off. I have it . But don’t make the mistake I did trying to clean it with paper… all the paper -_-

Answer #12

All the paper got stuck on the sticky part**

Answer #13

stickon bras are your best friend. it looks trashy if you were a regular bra with a backless top. it defeats the purpose.

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