Do i need a bra?

When do i know when i have to buy a bra? I dont wanna tell my parents i am too scared to tell my PARENTS

Answer #1

well mariah u knw wen it time wen ur boobs grow..cuz u dnt want to be able to see ur niples threw ur t-shirt….tht wen u buy a bra..

Answer #2

You will know when you need a bra. If your breasts move a lot when running or doing daily things, then its probably time for a bra. Haveing a bra is nothing to be ashamed or embarased about, you should maybe ask your mum for advice :) hope i helped

Answer #3

I can see bumps in my pjs and shirts.

Answer #4

then you probly need a bra hun

Answer #5

You should probably, at the very least, be wearing a training bra by this age.

Answer #6

If you can see bumps in your shirts then its time to buy a bra, dont be embaressed to ask your mom, shes a woman and she wears bras and has been through this before. Its not that big of a deal.

Answer #7

yess..its lil sis is 10 and she just started to wear a sports bra…

Answer #8

So did mine And Mariah if your to nervous to talk to your mom you could either talk to an older sibling or go buy one yourself - after all your 13+ right?

Answer #9

*so did i.. when i was 10

Answer #10

if ur nipples poke thre ur shirt,u need a bra unless thats wat u want…

Answer #11

IF i go to the store my parents will not leave me alone i dont want them to know….

Answer #12

. .

Answer #13

why dont u ask to go hang with friends and then have your best friend go with you to the store?

Answer #14

I dont have any girl friends x( I wish i did though :|

Answer #15

I know its hard to tell your parents things when your young you dont want to be embarassed but some things are a big part of life and sooner or later your parents will figure out that you need a bra dont let your classmates or teacher be the first to tell you my sisters teacher is the one who told her and she was upset… good luck :)

Answer #16

orr if you really dont want to- do u have any sisters or aunts? they could be of help or just walk into macys or a store like that and buy it yourself your starting womanhood and so some things you should learn to do by yourself

Answer #17

I have a lil sis but my aunt is a blabber mouth

Answer #18

… Tried walking up to my parents with my bumps showing (tried “asking” without asking) and they didnt even look they just notices the water i spilled on my shirt >:@

Answer #19

…thast tough.. how olds your sister?

Answer #20

shes 11

Answer #21

i made a note to them in backwards writing saying I need a bra

Answer #22


Answer #23

you need to buy a bra. just tell your mum, she has boobs too so shes going to understand. plus shes been there and done that, it might be embarrassing to you right now but she can offer you advice if your willing to receive it. just tell your mum. millions of girls go through the same thing you do, its not really that hard to tell your mum its time you got a bra

Answer #24

you should of just told ur mom hahaha she wouldnt care

Answer #25

Muwahahahaha, this is kind of funny. Look, I’m 13, and I started wearing a padded bra when I was 10, It’s no big deal, over time you’ll get more comfortable to talk to them, so go up to your mom and say something that would make her lead to thinking you need a bra. Say something like

“Mom, my shirt feels like its see-through, is there anything we can get that would cover that up?”

See? You said you needed a bra withought saying that you need a bra, just try it, or write a note. (:

Answer #26


Answer #27

I wote a note and after tat they TOTALLY embaressed e. I wish i had normal parents

Answer #28

I dont want dat

Answer #29

ok then get a bra

Answer #30


Answer #31

Answer #32

I was 13 when i started wearing my first like real bra. I just told my mom that i thought it was time to get one. She laughed because of how i said it but we went to Victoria’s Secret and we bought a whole bunch of bras together. It was actually fun!

Answer #33

I started wearing training bras in the fourth grade. You should at least be ina training bra by now.

Answer #34

Well my parents aernt doing anthing

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