Why is it that all my black t shirts are getting the spots on the back?

the spots are all in the same spot. and it looks like a little bleach stain or something. it’s so weird. and it’s ruining my shirts. what is this? and how do i stop it?

Answer #1

it might be your detergent or maybe its just the fabric

Answer #2

Check the car-seat and chairs you sit in to see what’s staining them.

Answer #3

or maybe it’s just lint. try taking it to the dry cleaners and have them take care of it… If they don’t know what to do, then just bleach it, or re-dye the spots black. Maybe it’s just sweat.

Answer #4

thanksss. it cant be sweat though cause it’s on the back. and i wear two shirts i don’t sweat enough to go through two shirts.

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