Kids Wrestling

Hello. When kids grow up, you know they have fights, they wrestle and things happen along the way. I watch kids wrestle but I don’t break it up as they have having fun and as long as nothing bad happens I am find with it. How do you know when one kid is just getting beat up/doesn’t like it?

Answer #1

if you see one kid is always being pinned or is not hitting back it might be a good idea tot tell the kids to “tone it down a bit” just to be on the safe side.

Answer #2

If you see someone ESPECIALLY at school fighting then you should try to break it up!! DO not be afraid to do it, even if there’re just kidding around you may not know it but break it up anyway! you know your be doing the right thing!! you might never know for sure if there kidding or it’s a real deal, so you can prevent a kid from being injured by just trying. Let’s say they don’t isten then you RUN as fast as you can to an adult and have them break it up. you never want to be caught in a fight by breaking it up because your get in as much trouble!! It’s TOTALLY NOT a childish thing if you tell an adult either so please just do it!!

Answer #3

common sense will tell you..

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