What color do you think our kids's eyes would be?

So im not currently pregnant or anything but lately my boyfriend and I have been talking about the whole one day having kids thing. It doesnt really matter to me because I think that both blue eyes and brown eyes are very pretty, but he says that he hopes when we ever have kids they come out with my blue eyes. But I dont know how likely that is… If he had blue eyes I’d be sure all our kids would have blue eyes because my entire family has blue eyes But my boyfriend is mixed, he’s mixed with black, puertorican, and italian. He’s got gorgeous light brown eyes and most people say if his hair wasnt so curly he wouldnt look black at all, just puertorican, so im not sure exactly how much black he has in him, but even without the black genes, his puertorican side would give the kids brown eyes too right? And the italian side as well? But it makes me wonder, because his eyes are pretty light, they remind me almost of caramel, and blue eyes are so prominent in my family… So im thinking maybe blue eyes are possible just slightly less likely than brown ones… But what do you guys think the odds are of us one day havin a blue eyed babe?

Answer #1

the only way your child’s eyes will be blue, isif he carriesthe blue eye allel and gives itto the child, you probanly only have blue eye allels to give, ifhegivesany other color, it would be dominant and your child will have that color.

Answer #2

I have 3 children…my entire family except for my father (who has blue eyes) has dark brown eyes, I’m the only one with light brown eyes. My husbands family has a mix of brown and hazel eyes. My oldest son has dark brown eyes, my youngest son has blue eyes (with white/silver streaks) and my daughter has green/gray eyes that sometimes are blue depending on what she wears.

It’s true that brown is the dominant trait but it also depends on what genes/traits you pass down to your kids.

Answer #3

Brown eye gene is dominant so the chances of your kids having brown eyes is high but you never know they could get blue eyes. Try this web


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