Is it a bad thing if I haven't got my period for 5 months or more?

im 19 years old. and I havent got my period for like 5 moths or that really bad??? and I also wanna get pregnant . please help… thanx…

Answer #1

hi,sounds like you need to grab your best friend and go to the doctor,it could be a number of things this is some thing you dont fool around with

Answer #2

no, this isnt normal sometimes a woman might skip a period but there are other things that can put it off from comming stress not eatingin an attempt to loose/not gain weight, eating disorders and over exerscising and exessive smoking, drug or alchole intake there is a possibility that if you have unprotected or even protected sex, that you could be pregnant other than that something else would be wrong no onew here is a doctor so youll have to go see one asap to find out whats wrong with you

Answer #3

yeah thats not good–since its suppose to happen every month… are you eating right because I know if you dont eat enough it’ll stop. and if theres no chance at all that your not already pregnant, then you should probably see a doc and try to get on some birthcontrol pills to regulate yer cycle nods

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