What happens to kangaroo's during the winter?

Do they hibernate or what?

Answer #1

No they dont.

Answer #2

Do they just die from cold then?!

Answer #3

when i read this i started laughing like a maniac

Answer #4

It doesnt get very cold where they live LOL

Answer #5

But it’s winter now.

Answer #6

still laughing

Answer #7

it doesnt get cold.

Answer #8

Apparently you’re wrong XD I’m having a fight with my ex about this lol.

Answer #9

im not wrong >:O they live in warm climates that do not see cold winters.

Answer #10

Nope, roos do not hibernate, they actually enjoy the cool seasons. During summer when it is hot, they rest in the heat of the day or dig shallow holes under trees and lie in the cool earth.

Answer #11

LMAO, Irene, “it doesn’t get cold where they live” LOLLLLLLLL. that is the funniest unknown comment I have ever read on here. Australia is similar to USA, we have 4 seasons too, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter :P

Answer #12

Thanks =D

Answer #13

i live in australia. it does get pretty cold in the bush, where kangaroos live, but they dont die or anything. they are just like dogs in a way. they get a thicker coat for winter.

Answer #14

XD this made me lol


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