What exactly happens when a female dog gets her menstrual cycle?

I’m planning on getting another dog, but this time I want a girl dog :] I’ve only had male dogs so I don’t know how theyre mentrual cycle is. I want to know if they bleed every where?, and how long does it last? and excatly what happens when they get their periods.

Answer #1

they do bleed and it does last qquite a while. The best thing to do for a female dog is to get her spayed

Answer #2

Well if you get it fixed then she won’t get it!. But yes she will bleed all the time like humens do. And I am not sure how long it lasts google it!.

But she should only get it every 6 months.

Answer #3

Well I got told by my biology teacher that they do have a period but there is only a tiny bit of blood but mostly its just discharge but you should just google it!

Answer #4

The heat cycle lasts 3 weeks…every 6 months…one week going into heat, one week in heat, one week going out. They bleed in the middle week. Why not spare yourself and the dog a whole of trouble, and just get the female spayed?


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