What do I say happen to the cat?

I ran over my sisters very old cat, whom she really loved. I told her it ran away, but she’s really sad without it and shes put up missing pet signs and it’s eating me away. Should I tell her the truth?

Answer #1

thats sad..it happened to my aunts cat >_>…she couldnt stop crying..same for my cousins.. but you have to tell her the truth…she just has to accept it

Answer #2

Take the dead cats body, put it in a box, and say that you found it, it was run over, and that you’re sorry it happened. She won’t be wondering where it is, and you’ll be satisfied to know that she has found the cat, even though the circumstances were unfortunate.

Answer #3

Don’t lie or hide it. As long as it was an accident, hopefully, she won’t hold it against you.

This is one of the main reasons you shouldn’t let cats outside.

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