What would happen if I gave the guinea pig hamster food?

Ok so my friend is giving me one of her guinea pigs because she had two and now her mom only wants one. I don’t have and guinea pig food, only hamster food. What would happen if I gave the guinea pig hamster food? Are their diets so different it would kill the guinea pig or what?

Answer #1

Hamster food is poisonous for guinea pigs, get guinea pig food at a pet shop

Answer #2

Uhmmm. I don’t think it would kill the guinea pig, Because they’re both the same species. But, I wouldn’t feed the Guinea Pig Hamster food. Why don’t you go to the store and pick up some Guinea Pig food?

Answer #3

I don’t know I would just give him lettuce for about a day so you can get some food for it.They both lettuce,but hurry!I wouldn’t risk making it eat it forever.They might get sick.

Answer #4

Lol k thanks and ya of course I’m going to pick up some normal food for him lol! :)

Answer #5

I wouldnt recommend giving guinea pigs hamster food lol

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