How do I keep my horse snug during winter?

Ok, so I know I have to rug my horseā€¦.. but the thing is, my horse Black Betty has a tendancy to unhook and cause her rugs to slip off leaving her cold and vulnerable to an illness. Anyone have some advice or help for me?

Answer #1

Simple! A horse blanket my 3 horses love it((:

Answer #2

Lol, that is simple, but my horse manages to take them off somehow! ha ha. shes pretty smart.

Answer #3

well during winter they should have their coat to keep them warm. Do you keep her in the stable or turned out in the winter? Maybe she prefers to have no rug on?

Answer #4

i have alot of ponies and most of them are shetlands so dont need rugs as much but my tb x welsh pony stayed out all winter in snow without a rug on because he didnt need it, if they have enough food and shelter they should be fine!

Answer #5

She isnt stabled no, she has gotten the flu from being cold before. hmmm I dont know.I think she is claustrophobic too, lol. so that is a problem when it comes to shelter!

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