Runes and Wicca. HELP ME OUT PLEASE!!

I’m really confused about all the different runes and which ones to use. I’m studying wicca and I get most of it but not runes. here are to many and I’m not sure which ones to look up

Answer #1

Well there are the 24 nordic runes in which they are used for divinatory purpose and inscribing on an object. So these are the one I go with. This might make it a little easier for you to research. Blessed Be.

Answer #2

these runes are cool thanx Blessed Be

Answer #3

Have a look at some good books - I’d reccomend “Runes of Elfland” by Brian Froud and someone who’s-name-I-can’t-remember. The title might sound a little childish but it covers most of the runes and has some really good tales about them too. I’ve loved looking at it since I was really small, and it should help you out. Honestly, it is a good book to try.

Nice to meet another Wiccan and Blessed Be

Answer #4

Hi, This website pretty much lays all the runes out in order and also has their names and an explanation of each.

It’s too much for me to retype here.

Answer #5

Thanks for the website I’ve just had look and so far it’s good Thanks Blessed Be Nala

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