Why is Jesus Christ's first name pronounced the way it is, but not the way it's supposed to be prononced?

Answer #1

it is. just if you are hispanic it is different

Answer #2

There is no “way it’s supposed to be pronounced”. It’s a cultural thing. Words are spoken differently in Spanish (and in all languages). That doesn’t necessarily mean that “hay-zoos” is the right way to pronounce it.

Answer #3

Because no one speaks Aramaic?

Answer #4

That’s true, however, out of all the people named Jesus, I’ve never herd anyone of them being called “jeesus,” not even by Caucasians, I don’t undersand.

Answer #5

It’s called transliteration for instance no one knows how his name is actually yeheshua which the Romans transliterated to iesua or iesus and we in turn transliterated that to Jesus

Answer #6

What do you mean? The English pronunctiation is obviously going to be different than then Aramaic one. In my language we say it different and so in most other languages.

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