His name in vain

Why do people use “Jesus Christ” to express their anger? Why not just say…the eff word or something? By the way, does anyone know how, this…all began? Like, how Jesus’ name became a swear word?

Answer #1

That’s a good question. I don’t know myself, but I wonder if it might have evolved out of the invocation of the name of Jesus. Some people automatically invoke Jesus, Mary, or some saint when pained, shocked, or in despair. In those cases they aren’t using it as an explicative; It’s more of a cry for help.

Whether or not it’s seen as sacrilegious depends on the intent, I suppose. I can imagine people adapting the habit without meaning it as a plea at some point in the past, and some religious people seeing it as mocking their legitimate pleas, and taking offense. A lot of religious folks see this as a violation of the third commandment (or second, depending on your denomination) but that might be a misunderstanding.

The original meaning of the “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” commandment didn’t refer to this practice. At the time, it was meant as a warning not to use God’s name as a magic invocation, or at least not without good reason. Some ancients believed that, if you knew the name of a god, speaking that name aloud would give you some measure of control over it. Some scholars see this as the reason that the Abrahamic God never gives or is described by his actual name, but only by titles (although there is some thought that the Hebrew Elohim and El evolved out of one of the name of one of the Canaanite gods, El).

Answer #2

I don’t know. I mean, God wouldn’t want us to say the ‘F’ word OR use His name in vain. Saying “Jesus Christ” used to be a powerful thing to call on His name, but now, people say ‘Oh my god’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ like it’s nothing.

Answer #3

well it depends on how they use it. If they say god d* then its a curse word if you hear someone yell jesus hey could be praising or just saying it. You should not take the name of the lord thy god in vain!

Answer #4

…I believe that taking the “lord god’s name in vain” means doing wrong deeds in his name not saying his name …

Answer #5

You just demonstrated one reason people use it: Because they can’t say various 4-letter words on forums like this. :)

Answer #6

Jesus Christ!!!

=] just kidding.

Answer #7

mleh. -_-

Answer #8

good point

Answer #9

i know, your right. The word vain in the hebrew language means empty the same applies to that word in the greek which is where the new testament is translated from. The book of Matthew speaks of vain repetition, whic is to say (in this text) praying and repeating the thing over and over. That would be vain or empty. You have a good point though!

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