How come Jehovah Witnesses don't celebrate Holidays?

How come Jehovah Witnesses don’t celebrate holidays? I’m curious on why they don’t Celebrate birthdays either. Or, not being allowed to attend a birthday party? I just don’t understand it. I don’t have anything against the religion but, it’s sad they don’t celebrate holidays or birthdays or any other event except marriage. It seems like we all take that for granted sometimes. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I was a Jehovah Witness not able to celebrate anything. But, again, I don’t have anything against the religion. I’m just having a hard time why they don’t celebrate.

Answer #1

Well I’m 13 and I’m growing up in a JW household. We do not celebrate Birthdays because you can ask for what ever you want on a birthday including someones death. Their is a story about how John the Baptist died because some girl wanted to have his head on platter for her birthday. ( sorry I forgot the specifics I’m not perfect.)

Answer #2

I think it is better not celebrate holidays. Alll of them are pagan holidays and you save money for something that really matters.

Answer #3

All holidays, including birthdays, are considered “pagan holidays” and may not be observed by Witnesses. There is probably more to it…but I don’t see the problem in celebrating the day your child is born into this life, or our own birthdays. It’s a celebration of LIFE, nothing more. Saying it originated from this or that from the past has absolutely nothing to do with the reasons birthdays are celebrated now…But, each to their own.

Happy Birthday everyone :)

Answer #4

I am not a witness but I think the reason is because birthdays are a celebration of ones self and not God. Because all that we do is to glorify God having a birthday would only glorify yourself. Christmas also is not celebrated for one of two reasons I would imagine. A. they do not believe that Jesus was the son of God in a traditional christain sense. B. Jesus should not be celebrated to one specific day.
Forgive me if I am wrong, I havent talked to a witness in quite some time so I cant remember everything.

Answer #5

also I found out why. you see birth days have umm links I think to satanisum (that religeon that follows the devild and stuff) so they dont do it because its disrespecting Jehovah and its prasing satan

Answer #6

Pagans should celebrate pagan holidays and Christians should celebrate Christian holidays.

For this reason Jehovah’s Witnesses choose not to share in birthday or holiday festivities in view of their origins which are actually rooted in paganism.

Birthday celebrations tend to give excessive importance to an individual, while the Bible says that all glory and honor should go to God. Jehovah’s Witnesses enjoy giving gifts and having good times together throughout the year. However, the only two birthday celebrations mentioned in the Bible involved people who were not true believers.

“Of all the holy people in the Scriptures, no one is recorded to have kept a feast or held a great banquet on his birthday. It is only sinners (like Pharaoh and Herod) who make great rejoicings over the day on which they were born into this world below.”—The Catholic Encyclopedia (New York, 1911), Volume X, page 709 (quoting Origen Adamantius of the third century).

December 25 was not the birthday of Jesus Christ, as you may well know. The way that the Christmas holiday developed shows that there is more to the event than meets the eye.

“Most of the Christmas customs now prevailing in Europe, or recorded from former times, are not genuine Christian customs, but heathen customs which have been absorbed or tolerated by the Church. . . . The Saturnalia in Rome provided the model for most of the merry customs of the Christmas time.”—Encyclopædia of Religion and Ethics (Edinburgh, 1911), edited by James Hastings, Volume III, pages 608, 609.

U.S. Catholic of December 1981, page 32, notes: “It is impossible to separate Christmas from its pagan origins.” The magazine explains: “The Romans’ favorite festival was Saturnalia, which began on December 17 and ended with the ‘birthday of the unconquered sun’ (Natalis solis invicti) on December 25. Somewhere in the second quarter of the fourth century, savvy officials of the church of Rome decided December 25 would make a dandy day to celebrate the birthday of the ‘sun of righteousness.’ Christmas was born.”

Because it has no connection to Christ and because of it’s pagan origins, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate or take part in any activity that is associated with Christmas today.

For more information about the reasons Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate other holidays, you can visit this link to their official website.

Answer #7

umm to tseir dont believe jesus is the son of god BS im one and we believe his the son in our prayers we call him it so shut up you dont know what your talkign about I’ve been a jehovah witness all my life so I should know. this is why we dont celebrate birthdays we wait I dont really know I’d might ask a elder lol. umm well christmas we knoew he wasnt born then he was born a bit later in bethleham in a what stable or soemthing man its been ages since I’ve read my book of bible stories so I cant remember much umm im absolutly no help lol umm easter he died later we dont have easter we have a mormial with the pass over. uh halloween cant answer dont know mch why, FFS how longs it been since I asked people why cant we do this lol I havnt had a birthday since I was liek 1 12 years ago.

Answer #8

oh! if you dont know this if anyof your friends a jehovah witness and you go to a stadium to watch football and they all get up to sing the national antheme you may just notice he doesnt sing it. we dont give praises to our country nor world but to Jehovah

Answer #9

My fiance’s grandfather is a JW. He says “Every day is a celebration, and every meal is a banquet.” So basically, if you feel like giving a gift, you should do it not because you have to, but because you want to.

Answer #10

This JW bullshit is too confusing…I am an atheiest and goddamn proud of it! religion is confusing and offers only an escape and not a solution.

Answer #11

I am Catholic(Christian). Just because a person wanted john the baptized head on a platter doesn’t mean we would want the samething for our birthday. We celebrate the life that GOd gave us and that is the day when we are born. And we celebrate Jesus birthday as well as ours. He is the son of God and he should be respected on the day he was born too. Remember the 3 Kings did gave him presnets on the day he was born. And when we go to church, we celebrate his life,because he is living with us everyday. A person that believes in God and our Lord Savior will enter his kingdom not only just Jehovah Witness. You should practice what you preach. We don’t know when the world will end, only God.

Answer #12

I am a Jehovah’s Witness. The reason is because people who celebrated birthdays in the past did not serve God.For example as someone above stated in the bible someone had John the Baptist head on a platter. Its a pagan holiday because when God sent Jesus on earth he never told Jesus to celebrate his birthday. At the “Last Supper” Jesus told his disciples to continue this practice in remembrance of him and his death. This is why JW’s celebrate the commemoration of Jesus’ death yearly as he asked. Instead of following man’s pagan practices we follow Christ instead.

Answer #13

Well cayman and benji Your families should be very proud of you. I have been a bible student for some time and have just been accepted to attend the ministry with the intent of becoming baptised. You have both made a stand for your understanding of the truth and should be commended. You could also give to the people you answer, that way they can get a greater insite. Well done guy’s

Answer #14

Uhm wtf are you talking about ? ^ Jesus is gods son .

Answer #15

Even if they dont celebrate they like it when someone post in their wall happy birthday anyway.

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