Cause of Global Crisis? War on Iraq and Afghanistan

US War On Terror. Do you reall Agree that Muslim Is the Terrorist? Why Clinton Time, There are almost no terrorist. But Since Bush became president, the world Terrorist in every Dictionary and also Wikipedia there is Islam and Muslim as a Terroris.

Now Bush Idea Is to hunt down every Terrorist which could be everyone. He then Decided to Invade Iraq and Afghan! So many people died in a pointless fighting. Muslims gets blamed! All Muslim! In return America Becomes a bad image for Muslim Outside US.

Although Most Muslims outside U.S. doesnt know that US and Its allies civilian people rallied against the war on terror (war on Iraq and Afghanistan).

There are lot of people of knows that 9/11 is an Inside Job. But a little or none could show up in media. Because media is being controlled.

Iraq and Afghanistan are one of the Oil Supplier. Now this so called allies invade them. Kill innocent people and their suspected enemy. Lots of soldiers died!

Now Bush and its allies got cursed! Global Crisis! He Only Thinks that Fight can resolve problem. He copied Hitlers style. He is the second Hitler.

Whats your opinion folks?

Answer #1

Yeah Bush (and by extension most (not all) Republicans) seem to think that war is the only way to resolve problems…however its their judgment, not their motive, which is at fault, they still want the best for their country. So no Bush’s isnt another Hitler IMO

Honestly though, you might want to reorganize your views…Im having a hard time reading it

Answer #2

The war on terror is only a slogan designed as propaganda, and you can tell because of the way it has been executed. If we were truly going after terrorist organizations, we would not be relying on conventional miltary force. We would be using law enforcement and special ops pretty exclusively.

Fighting terrorism with convential military is like trying to swat a fly with a hammer.

Answer #3

You know, its not a republican versus democrat problem…its a free world versus terrorist problem. The reason Terrorists and Muslims are often synonomous is because islam practices religious intolerance and that western civ is full of infadels. OH and YES, its called the “Global” war on terror. That pretty much means they can’t hide under a rock anywhere on the planet.

I believe that even peaceful people have a place in our decision making process. You can get involved by speaking with your local military recruiter.

Answer #4

War “was” simply an extension of Foreign Policy. Now, in the context of the so-called war on terror it has become national policy as well. As we lose more and more of our civil liberties and become more prone to being surveilled in our evry day existence (INCLUDING THIS FORUM), there is no longer any defining line. Everything is gray. To say that all Muslims are terrorists is to say that all Christians are without sin. It simply isn’t true. As Americans, we are largely ignorant of the division between Christians and Muslims. It’s been going on for 2000 yrs. We don’t think about it because we don’t live in the middle east. and it isn’t taught in the schools (lke most of the worlds history and when it is it’s rarely the truth). Disputes over the holy lands have been going on since the crusades. They (Muslims), teach it in their schools, we don’t. The creation of a Jewish State with no regard for the Arabs that had been living on those lands for 2000 years was pure idiocy. In essence the same thing early British, French, Spanish, and Americans did to the Native Americans. You don’t get the real story about that in school either do you. They don’t teach that we stole this land, and nearly drove an entire race to extinction in the process do they? No, let’s not speak the truth. Let’s not talk about the massive deceit that our presidents, their subordinates, et al, inflicted on the Native Americans. We caused the problems in the middle east. We’re still causing them. The watchword is…….GREED!

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