Atomic Radiation?

Does anyone know what Atomic Radiation is?

Answer #1

It’s what comes out when you try to split an atom

Answer #2

There exists electro-magnetic radiation as well, frequencies such as the visible color spectrum, radio, IR, UV, micro, etc.

Answer #3

do you know what wikipedia is?

lol were doing nuclear science in my chem class atm so this is good timing its baisicly 3 things, electrons (beta particles), hydrogen nuclie (clumps of 2 protons and 2 neutrons that leave) and if im correct I think gamma radiation is still atomic is it not? if it is thats when an electron and positron (the positive version of an electron) colide and enialate into pure energy, that is really dangerous.

Answer #4

isnt that when there is an isotope (a different number of nuetrons) which makes unstable atomic structure which released radiation.

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