Radiophobia and phobias!

Would anyone please let me know if they suffer from Radiophobia? :-) It would help me, because I have this, and have not met anyone else who has this fear/phobia.

Radiophobia is an abnormal fear of ionizing radiation, also used in the sense of fear of X-rays. The term is also used (polemically, not medically) to general opposition to the use of nuclear energy.

In my case, it’s viewing x-ray pictures. This is a very irrational fear, and I know it myself!

Answer #1

If you are sitting in a house made of bricks than you are sitting inside an oven filled with radiation. Take a Geiger counter next to a brick wall and it’ll go crazy.

If you feel like jumping out the window now than you might have radiophobia. If you just find this post “not helpful” than you probably don’t. The brick wall thing is true anyway.

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