Is Osama bin Laden dead?

I read in internet that osama bin laden is dead but never read this in any newspaper.please comment.

Answer #1

I just checked on CNN and it doesn’t mention anything there. Additionally, I’ve not heard anything specifically about him being captured… dead or alive. You can keep up-to-date with the AP, or with Reuters, for news. Take care. -S

Answer #2

my problem is why the hell cant they find him? hes a 6’’5 arab on dialasis…i think hes still out there but with every video that comes in he looks sicker and sicker but he might be dead…no one knows..

Answer #3

Bin Laden may be dead but so far we have no proof.

Bin Laden’s death would have great propoganda value for the US so no doubt if he did die it would be kept secret as long as possible.

Answer #4

he is not dead he is alive do not ask me were I will not tell but he alive

Answer #5

I’ve heard that he died 4 years ago but then he keeps releasing these videos talking about current events. I’m confused. Please help me!

Answer #6

It was just on the news today that he is alive and well.

Answer #7

if you know the reality, Please tell me also. I am also in confusion that Osama Bin laden is dead or not.

Answer #8

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Answer #9

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Answer #10

Dead or not, he’s quite something. He managed to remain hidden for all these years? That is quite a feat indeed.

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