Where were you when you heard about 9/11 and Osama bin Laden's death?

Woke up at 3:00am to texts about US Navy Seals killing Obama and then just watched replays of President Obama’s speech.

Where were you during 9/11?? When you heard about Osama bin Laden’s death? How do you feel about our killing him?

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9/11 i have no clue and bin ladens death i was sitting in my room, on the computer and happened to come across people talking about it.

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Watching President Obama’s speech… the whole thing comes across like a badly written narrative. President Obama oversaw the operation beginning last August. He personally sent in a squad of navy Seals but they couldn’t manage to bring an ailing old man out alive to stand trial… which means that those stubborn claims of Osama’s CIA connections will never be answered from the horses mouth.

Having seen post mortem pics of the body… Osama looks to have fully recovered from his decade old renal failure and greying beard. It is hard to determine if the body is that of Bin Laden as the eyes have been removed and the sockets seem to have been crushed. I’m sure the DNA results will provide whichever conclusion the administration seeks.

Those shots of people celebrating… the repeated calls to memorialize the day… the badly written speech that borrowed from the pledge of allegiance… the fact that it was a speech instead of a briefing open to questions… President Badass Obama running the whole operation from the getgo…Everything just made it seem like a farce to try and assuage public opinion. Nothing about it seemed organic.

The good news is that… Mission Accomplished… we can pull out the troops… stop spending ourselves into oblivion… dismantle TSA and Homeland Security and go about our lives as we did before. Oh wait… but that’s not going to happen… because now Al Qaeda is really pissed and we enter phase two of the never ending war on ter*ror… tentatively titled… Anwar Al-Awlaki strikes back.

I will remember the day. The day that NATO… ie… us… we bombed a bunch of kids in Libya. No big deal. We are the sadistic a$$holes… and we’re okay with that.

Answer #13

9/11 i was in Nursery. Bin Laden death at home

Answer #14

At work last night

Answer #15

For 9/11 I was sitting in class in 7th grade, and for the death I was in my family room on t.v

Answer #16

It was 1pm (WST) when we heard the news on the radio whilst at work. Most of my work colleagues and I had to quickly hop on Google and read the new article. To be honest, I was shocked but sceptical as the story sounds too good to be true. They shot him and buried him at sea to eliminate his supporters building a land shrine for him??? By the way, I thought it was corny how Obama said “I gave orders…….” for the attack.

Answer #17

I was at my aunts house celebrating my cousins 21st bday

Answer #18

I heard about the Ninth of November on a Sydney Radio station just after going to bed. As the night wore on, we listened to it on the B.B.C. World service, Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry program (both on short-wave radio) and a distant A.B.C. News Radio Station. What we listened to depended upon reception at the time. We heard about the death of Mr. Bin Laden upon this very site!

Answer #19

At my ex’s, recovering from the previous nite.. I was in shock & that woke me up.. I realized then., That the U.S could be touched!

Answer #20

i was in the middle of school 5th grade and my teacher told us about 9/11. i didn’t no about Bin Laden until i ran across it searching something google.

Answer #21

Oh boy…. Is there nothing good about this in your mind? At least he said he would do it, and did it. A lot more than can be said about Bush…

Answer #22

I was listening to the radio and making a cake, i heard it and i was like what? then i spilt the icing and it went everywhere :L

Answer #23

BTW, no photos of a dead bin Laden have been released. The one you saw is bogus….

Answer #24

My wife was already at work because her shift started earlier than mine. She had a dream the night before that the US was at war. After the first plane hit she called me up at home and told me to turn the TV on. At that point the first plane had already hit and nobody knew if it was an accident or a hijacking. While getting ready for work I saw the 2nd plane hit the building on TV. After I got to work the first tower collapsed. By this point all the US news websites were completely swamped. I started reading foreign web sites; some saying that 30 US planes had turned off their transponders and were likely hijacked. Nobody was getting any work done so we all just went to watch CNN on the TV in our break room Later the 2nd tower collapsed. Last night I was playing a computer game when my father-in-law told me that the President was holding an unplanned press conference at 9:30PM CDT. Figuring it must be something big I tuned in; they kept pushing the time forward and before he came on all the networks had already scooped that OBL was dead. Of course it would have been better if we could have caputred OBL alive but it is far preferable to take him out than to let him slip through our fingers.

Answer #25

I’m sure the whole thing was just a cynical attempt to raise President Obama’s ratings. They probably could have taken him out whenever they wanted but timed it so that OBL would be killed right after President Obama released his long birth certificate just so nobody will scrutinize it too closely. Yeah, that’s the ticket! One thing i am sure of though. The same people who are going out of their way to give President Obama as little credit as possible would have given him all the blame if the mission had failed and ended in a fiasco.

Answer #26

@jimahl:… yeah the light of day sheds a new perspective on matters. Last night media sources were displaying a doctored photo off attempting to extract whatever mileage they could from it… until the hoax which is years old was brought to light as a hoax. The photo was that of Bin Laden from a decade ago which is why the grey was missing from his beard and there were no signs of his malaise. I was obviously suspicious of the photo in my description of it. Thanks to skeptics scrutinizing the photo… we have learnt of the hoax.

Answer #27

@filletofspam: One thing I am sure of… if Obama would have limped his way to the podium in tattered, bloody fatigues with Osama’s ears hanging around his neck… you would be first in line petitioning to award him a medal of honor… because his or basically any democrat’s words are always all you need as proof. Spare me the long form birth certificate lecture. If you wish to discuss the merits of the document that has obviously been enhanced with editing software and produced some two years after being requested… then ask the question and I will reply. You always try to categorize my arguments into the left/right dichotomy. You’re left to rationalize that only someone on the political right would be critical of this war on ter*ror… because I hold Obama to the same standards as Bush. The contradiction in your logic is lost on you.

Answer #28

I was working. xD Nice to see you again, Dara.

Answer #29

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who saw it as a midnight movie bad narrative.

Answer #30

This morning on yahoo.

Answer #31

when my grandfather ran around the house screaming “hes been shot!”

Answer #32

I was in my house watching the news at 10:30

Answer #33

i was in my kindergarten class and my teacher ms. mandell turned on the tv and we watched the news and all of the teachers almost started to cry and i am glad that we killed osama becuz he was a threat to all of us and with him being gone will bring the world peace

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