Why are we at war with Iraq?

I thought we went there because they supposedly had weapons of mass destruction. But there were none found. WHy arre we there still? Are we still in Afghanistan? Was the only reason of being in Afghanistan because of Osama bin Laden?

Answer #1

We’re still in Iraq for the sake of the national ego. No-one wants to have to admit it was wrong in the first place, so now we have to stay “until the job’s done” - whatever that means. It makes no sense. I don’t really care if Iraq turns to anarchy. There’s always the option of going back in later if we needed to for some reason. Pulling out doesn’t mean we’d take our eye off.

As far as Afghanistan goes, the initial campaign made a lot of sense, because the Taliban really was supporting and protecting terrorist groups. I’m not sure what value there is to staying in Afghanistan at this point.

Unless we kill all the imams and take over their school systems, these countries are never going to be friendly to the west, so we’re just wasting our money.

Answer #2

We are in Iraq because Bush still has no gotten the oil revenue sharing agreements he wants. He will leave the mess to the next president. But either way, the Iraqis want us out, so I can’t see how there can be any justification for us staying there longer than they want us to. But if McCain wins, he will try to stay as long as possible. He will be under too much pressure from oil companies to pull out without the agreements in place.

Afganistan probably could have been a lot more secure and maybe completely free of taliban influence had we not diverted all of our resources to Iraq. We might have even capture or killed bin Laden. But Bush cared much more about oil-rich Iraq.

Answer #3

I think amblessed is saying that it doesn’t matter that terrorists weren’t in Iraq originally, they are now, and we can fight them there, instead of here.

amblessed, comments like this just shows how truly out of touch you are on this subject. Do you think it is morally right for us to take a relatively stable country and make it into a terrorist battleground just so we can feel safer at home? Or even be actually safer (which we are NOT!)? How can the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis ever be justified by our desire for personal safety? Is that a pro-life position?

Answer #4

I always seem to agree with amblessed, I think that if we get out of the war, theyll just try to come here, and whose to say they wont succeed. Yes this could be wrong, and we could be losing people, but what if pulling out is wrong, and they succeed in coming here and we standing up for a small prayer and silence on another dya to remember 2794 that died? Security is tight, but I’m sure if you want something bad enough… basically either way could be bad, but there’s no knowing which one is better. It’s all opinionated.

Answer #5

Its nothing to do with weapons. It never has been. Its due to oil sortages. America has a reputation of going and bullying (invading) weaker countries to make itself feel stronger. They want to have control of the oil in iraq. They can’t stand the idea of another country having control of something the world depends on. Plus, theres not way on earth you can throw 9/11 into this. It was nothing to do with the iraqis, wasn’t that the original ‘reason’ for going into afganistan? Its ridiculous. The sooner the soldiers are out of iraq the better. Besides its very hypocritical for America to now moan about iraq having weapons, when a few years ago, it was trying to arm iraq. Its all so stupid.

Answer #6

It wouldn’t take slaughtering priests…you don’t get a bunch of middle class folk advocating war, irregardless of their country OR religion.

However, if you’re dirt poor, you’re going to hate the countries that seem to have so much when you have so little.

And yes, we’re in Iraq “until victory” which according to McCain is “very close”…I have NO idea what kind of victory we can achieve but hey, if our potential next president said it, must be correct eh? :)

Answer #7

Carjon, who exactly is going to come here if we leave Iraq? The Iraqis? If you beleive that, it is clear you know nothing about what is going on there.

It is completely preposterous to suggest that leaving Iraq will lead to Iraqis attacking us. The only downside to us leaving is the fear that Iraq will fall into an all out civil war. But that fear will be there no matter when we leave, and we can’t stay there forever.

And most of all, THE IRAQIS WANT US TO LEAVE!!!

Answer #8

amblessed, the 9/11 was CAUSED by Saudi’s, NOT Iraqis. Nor was it caused by Afghanis. We have yet to invade the nation where the terrorists that attacked us originated.

Read the news. Every political party knows where the terrorists are from that attacked us, yet we haven’t gone there, just everywhere else.

Answer #9

We are fighting terrorists who want to murder us there, instead of the streets of your town - freedom is not free.

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