Barrack Hussein Obama

Is Barrak Hussein Obama muslim? His middle name is Hussein and his last name rhymes with Osama. There’s just one letter different between Osama Bin Laden and Hussein Obama. Does anybody know if he’s muslim?

Answer #1

lol, thanks angel14215, it was intended as sarcasm, although apparently I need to do a better job of making that clear in the future for some other people including the asker.

Given that the Muslim/Hussein/bin Laden rumors about Obama were proven to be utterly baseless and a complete fabrication several months ago, I didn’t think people would seriously ask these kinds of questions.

Clearly, I was very wrong.

Answer #2

OMG…you’re right.

This is an outrage. We can’t have a man with such a clear connection to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein as our next president. I don’t know how everybody missed this before, but thank you for pointing it out. Now, what we need to do is stop this man from being elected and allowing the White House to fall into the hands of Muslim terrorists. Who’s with me?

Answer #3

obama is christian and a member of trinity united church of christ. by reading some of these answers, I must agree with angel14215…sigh…

Answer #4

ok, no, I’m not trying to put anyone down, but, unless you have another reason than his name, why wouldnt you like him? No, he is not Muslim, and his DAD named his son’s middle name. But yes, I do find it ironic that his name rymes with osama. and also, if hillary goes against John McCain, McCain will win because more people like McCain opposed to hillary, but if obama wins, he will face McCain and win. Now that hillary won ohio, I have a strong suspicion that McCain will win presidentcy. BUT, I am NOT discriminating against hiliary, I think it would be cool to have a woman president. It would be cool to have a black president also, but I dont wish it was Barrack Hussein Obama. I would rather have Hillary or McCain over Barrack ANY day. oh, and btw: Really good question

Answer #5

you guys are dumb , im srry to say that , but you are , what kind of quetion is that ? its only a name , besides … you can’t judje a book by its cover , if you were smart you would of listened to his speeches and understood them , they actualy mean somthing unlike other canidates , they rage quikcly , and beside Hussein is not a muslim name , its an arabic name , many Christians have the name “Hussein” , it doesn’t mean that evry single one of them is a terrorist , and the name “Osama” was made by Brazil first , get your facts straight

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Uhm just one thing I feel I must point out in semi1900’s defense, I believe that is what you call SARCASM… Please stop the bad ratings for no good reason?

Answer #7

Well Obama’s father was from Kenya, and I believe he is Muslim, which is where he got his name from. Hussein is a popular name in Muslim culture, and there are a lot of Muslims in Kenya, so yea I think hes Muslim.

Answer #8


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how Bush ended up in the White House, not once but twice…

Answer #9

we cant judge him by his name thats stupid

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Me Me!!!


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Many different stories out there on that subject - just have to wait and see.

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