If you use magic and use it to help people is it bad?

My friend and I use magic in a very good way. We read our bible, try to do what the lord tells us to and help people. We have these abilities, but we don’t know if they make us against god because we have them. We use them for good, and praise and thank the lord for what he has blessed us with. But if we use out magic, is it against god?

Answer #1

It’s not bad if you have a gift. Im not Christan nor have I been for a very long time. However I have learned that what you put out you will receive 10 times back. Its called karma. If you do good you shall get it back in a good way, but its the same if you do bad. You put out bad you receive 10 times more. That is wonderful you get a chance to use and know what you gift is. I know you do not believe in my goddess, so dont take offense but she has gifted you well. Especially if you can help people. Continue what your doing.

Answer #2

Well I don’t think your God would be against you using whatever you have for good. I mean look at Jesus, according to the bible he fed 5000 with 5 fish and two loaves (I think) and cured someone of blindness. To me that sounds like magick so really its down to you what you believe.

Answer #3

wow well the bible tells you that any magic is evil. I beg to differ but im not christian so I don’t know in my opinion if you do good and you try your best to be a good person and help people you will have a happy life and afterlife. but im not christian im Wiccan so I can’t say based on your religion.

Answer #4

powers ,what kind of powers?

Answer #5

Uh huh… exactly WHAT kind of ‘’powers’’ do you have?

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