Am I good or bad?

Am I a good person or a bad one? I keep having these feelings that I want to hurt someone mentally. I have been collecting blackmail evidence from all friends and foes. But I never have hurt anybody, the worst thing I have done all my life is shop-lift but people say that isn’t that big of a crime.

I tough about blackmailing someone and if they could catch me. But never really did it.

I’m not a sadist or anything I don’t want to see people suffer, but I do want the feeling of being in control.

I took some test on face book and got this as answer. How evil are you – 95% How good are you – 100% that doesn’t make sense.

Do you think I’m evil of thinking about doing bad things to people for my entertainment? Or am I still a good person since I never did any of the things? P.S. yes to some of you who have been thinking I do have a lot of time and I do get bored easily.

Answer #1

no I don’t think your bad I think in a way your twisted but its not like everyone hasn’t thought about things like that but just make sure its just a thought

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