Is islam the wrong religion?

Is islam the wrong religion?

Answer #1

…not for Muslims it aint…

Answer #2

I am a muslim myself adel. I am jsut asking if its tottally off or not. To me right now it seems right becuase it believes in one god, It believes in the prophets jesus, adam, noah, and so on. I jsut want the opinion.

Answer #3

motleigh…just because that is your BELIEF, doesn’t make it correct.

Answer #4

If we define religion as a system that promotes supernatural ideas, then all religions are wrong.

Answer #5

answer for adel. Chicago is where im from

Answer #6

no it aint, one cant lable right or wrong on a religion.

Answer #7

No religion is wrong… and simultaneously, no religion is RIGHT either.

Answer #8

yas man …where are you from my brather

Answer #9

Every religion is the wrong religion on my opinion.

Answer #10

most religions are wrong just like sikh, hindu. islamic most of these are made up stories just like fairytales complete rubish I feel sorry for you people because we are living in thr last days and most of you people will be destroy good luck

Answer #11

Everyone knows religion is mans effort to get to God

Don’t generalize… not ‘everyone’ believes there is a god to ‘get to’ …

Answer #12

Islam is not the wrong religion. No religion is wrong, but sometimes the followers are wrong.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”


This can apply to almost every religion.

Answer #13

well I strongly believe in jesus christ died on the cross for our sins and that when I die he will choose if I had a good life to go up. but if islam makes you cofortable, then that would be right for you.

Answer #14

no its not … I am a muslim ..and plve me you dont now the wrat thengs of islam dont ask eny one ask a muslim he well tall you of the islam than you well say if it true or fals

Answer #15

Of course not - there is no ‘wrong’ religion.

We all have the capacity and the right to follow our own beliefs, and if Islamic is the religion that feels right to you, then it’s right.

On that same note, however, if it doesn’t feel right to you, then maybe it’s not the right religion for you, but that doesn’t make it the wrong religion in general.

Answer #16

islam is false! everyone now today want to say that all religions are ok. all faiths are ok. NO ITS NOT! this is happening because there has to be one goverment, one form of believing, and one ANTICHRIST! there is only one truth faith and that is through Jesus Christ! Everyone else who doesn’t believe in him, will go straight to HELL for eternity. if you don’t believe the bible, then you’ll see when you get there. Motleigh2 is correct. Jesuss is the only way. and for you muslims, Jesus was not a prophet… he is the Son of God, HE is God. read the bible and all your answers are there.

Answer #17

it’s not “wrong” unless you want to go to heaven and see friends & family – if that’s the case, beleiving & trusting JESUS is the only way to heaven. he said it himself – “I am the way, the truth & the life, no man comes to the father but by me”

Answer #18

God said, I created man in his image, he doesnt mean MAN

Actually… he DID mean MAN… At that point in scripture, there was no woman. He created man (Adam) first, and women (Eve) later. Its just silly that you don’t know that.

There’s no ‘figurative’ form of the word ‘everyone’ …you simply generalized… which is incorrect.

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