If islam is a peace religion why is...

If Islam naturally a peace religion, why are Christians scared of the spread of Islam.

Answer #1

phrannie - You said ‘Christians, however, haven’t been trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons…’

No, because MOST Christian countries already have them.

Of course I’m sure it is fine to tell other countries that you will not allow them to have nuclear weapons when your own country has enough to destroy the planet 10 times over. (NOT!)

Would it not be strange if non christian countries (without nuclear weapons) were NOT afraid of christian countries that have them?

I’m sure many moslem countries are as afraid of the USA as much as the USA is afraid of them.

Anyway, who voted the USA as the world’s police? I dont recall voting for them and surely, in a democratic world, this should have been done via a voting system?

Of course, if that have happened then the USA would certainly not have received the majority vote.

Just my own personal views.


Answer #2

Christian countries may have them, but the radical Christians GROUPS, do not…nor have I heard any one say they were looking to get their hands on them. Big dif between “countries”…and individual subversive groups.


Answer #3

I think it is very subjective depending where one lives and what ones rreligion is phrannie.

For example, even some people here in Britain thought Bush was on the radical christian side.

One can only imagine how some of the muslim countries viewed him, especially after the Iraq invasion when no weapons of mass destruction were found. Bearing in mind this was given as the main reason to invade.

I’m not having a go at Bush or the US, I can just see that the matter is one that is very subjective and can be viewed from many different angles which will lead to different views and conclusions.



Answer #4

Whoever said Islam was the religion of peace any more than any other religion (they ALL preach peace)…And like many Cristian denominations…Radical Muslems believe Islum is the only correct religion…and anyone who doesn’t believe is an infidel. Radical is radical…doesn’t matter where it comes from. Christians, however, haven’t been trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons…


Answer #5

*I am a christian and I think its because islam is the religion of the anti christ

and you base this on???

Wow, is there any wonder why some people think that some christians are judgmental, bigoted jerks?

Answer #6

Because Christians (as well as plenty other religious groups) are convinced that their beliefs are the only ones that are right, and woe betide anyone who tries to step on their toes.

Answer #7

I’m not a Christian, and I don’t like the idea of Islam spreading, because it is not a “religion of peace”, as demonstrated by the unusually large number of adherents who engage in violence for religious reasons …an not just terrorists.

Muslim on Muslim religious violence is probably even larger than Islamic religious violence against non-Muslims.

Answer #8

There are extremists in most religions, including Christianity.

Unfortunately, the extremists look better in the media and it only takes one extremist from any area of society or religion to cause chaos.

Many Muslims do speak out and say that the extremists in their religion do not reflect the majority view of muslims throughout the world.

Just like Christanity, which has many different sub religions that interpret the bible in their own way, so Muslims have the same with regards to the Koran.


Answer #9

the hestery and the mony and the land.. not the relagen

Answer #10

Because they think Muslims are a bunch of hateful terrorists… -__-

Answer #11

Not ALL Christians are like that. You’ll have to find someone who IS and ask them.

Answer #12

because jesus is a profit to them and they beleave because some people misrid the scripture where it sas kill the infidells it means kill the infidels when in all actuality this was wroten in a time of war and not meant for all time

Answer #13

So,any human who believes their religion is the correct religion is radical? An btw it’s ISLAM not ISLUM. =/

Answer #14

How can you be so sure that its not a religion of peace?! Have you read the Quran? Researched,maybe? Made your own assumptions and judged an entire religion and over a million people by the actions of a hundred or so people? Nice.

Answer #15

How can you be so sure that its not a religion of peace?! Have you read the Quran? Researched,maybe? Made your own assumptions and judged an entire religion and over a million people by the actions of a hundred or so people? Nice.

Answer #16

Ismael was born of Hagar a made servant of Abraham. They wanted to have children but Sarah Abraham wife was barren (could not have children) instead of waiting on God who eventually gave them a child Isiac. She told her husband to lay with her maide Hagar the result like always not waiting on God was not good. God called Ismael a “wild donkey of a man” who will fight with his brothers. Ismael is a highly regarded prophet in the quaran (side note the quaran unlike the Bible does not have a geneology, the Bible shows the complete geneology of Jesus) In any event Mohammed is a direct descendant of Ismael they were also were the Egyptians who enslaved the Jewish people (the direct descentdants of Isiac) Mohammed was a general in the arab army he killed and fought with everybody, he supposedly while hiding in a cave was visit by a angel who gave him the quaran that advocates killing anyone who does not beleive what muslims beleive, and they call Heaven paradise. Now there are only a few ways to get to paradise one is you can do all sorts of ritualistic things like pray five times a day (like God did not hear you the first time LOL) oh, must face Meca (where they killed the Jewish people and took their temple) They must visit Meca and walk so many times around a rock representing the cave. The last way is to kill a gentile a non muslim person if they do this not only do they get to go to paradise but they get 72 virgins. I know it sounds crazy that because it is. Do some research very interesting, Read God’s word the Bible , it is full of not only great advice on how to live your life but the story of civilization and the world! Blessings.

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