What if we pick the wrong religion??

If you pick the wrong religion, then when you die, is god just like “naaap sorry the jews were right.” or “sorry mate its catholic day today.”

How do I choose a religion? I believe in spirituality.

Answer #1

any religion is the wrong religion unless you have unlimited cash to give to support the preachers life style

Answer #2

That is EXACTLY the reason why I don’t believe in categorizing religion. It’s too stupid a thought to think that when you die ALL the people from one religion will be rewarded and EVERYONE else will die. I recommend doing research on all religions and picking out things that you believe and don’t believe, but don’t feel like you have to pick just one. Why not believe bits of both? Or just leave it and say that you don’t have a specific religion but you believe that something is out there and you will know when you are meant to. :)

Answer #3

down2earth- she asked HOW to choose a religion NOT which one to choose. What suites you may not suite everyone ( obviously it doesn’t because not 100% of the world is Christian).

Like others have said research the religions and see which one suites you best. You could research Scientific theories and bring them all together and make up your own decision if it’s really what you want. Some people believe that all religions lead to the same God- if that is true then it doesn’t matter.

Answer #4

You have to try going to church with friends of different beliefs. You then choose the one that best captures your spirituality. God, I don’t believe, is going to judge you on your religion so much as to how you acted here on earth. If you are going to be Catholic or Baptist then you believe in Christ. You would do as Christ taught you to live and stick to that as a measure of how you will ultimately be judged.

Answer #5

You study it/do a research, see which one you like and take it Or, you could simply not take any. Just be an agnostic, perhaps?

Answer #6

You’ll just have to wait and see huh!! Choose what fits you best though!

Answer #7

Ok…for my opinions, Its better to be Christian..im not saying that other religion is bad, its just that Im a Christian and he/she is asking, so why not… You should read the bible more, go to church, study and ask a friend…im not a catholic nor SDA, im the protestant side@Basel/Ang…but its all depend on what you seen and beleive…but you should know that lots of evidence that tells me God is real and true. In the bible God said that, its not only to be kind, but God said IM THE WAY AND THE ONLY WAY THAT WILL BRING YOU TO THE PROMISE LAND… so beleive… try for a month or more…and you will know.

Answer #8

Relax. surely if there is a god, he/she will be wise enough to realize that different people have different approaches to worship and to seeking salvation.

Isn’t that a basic attribute of a god - that this is a being who is supremely wise and caring, and far above the pettiness that characterizes the lives of so many of us?

Answer #9

the right religion is the one that follows and obeys his ten command mends, his scripture and worships his name. I am seventh day adventist, I belive and does/tries my best to follow and live acording to god’s word. but, as a human being there are time that I fail not to. however, as our god is a loving god he doesn’t hate and ignore me but he is always there to support me and give me a shoulder to lean on. in the same way, I believe that he gives us a chance to search and find his right & truthful church/religion. GOD BLESS U & I hope I ve answerd you re question:)

Answer #10

If you are sincere, God will give you assurance within your own spirit, that you belong to him. Once you find this assurance, you will not need to look any further.

Answer #11

You don’t need to pick a religion. You just have to seek God. Find the true God. Nothing else matters.

Answer #12

You two guys bove forgot to add “But you would still go to hell for not believing what bible says.:.

Answer #13

There are thousands of religions in existence today, and 10s of thousands over the course of human history. They can not all be right. But they can all be wrong.

The best way to avoid picking the wrong religion is not to pick one at all.

Answer #14

I’d say your best bet is to go with the religion that suits you, the one that you think is the best that fits in with you. Then if you’re “wrong”, which I doubt you will be God only turns bad people away from heaven so live your life as a good person and I’m sure God won’t turn you away.

Answer #15

there is no wrong 1 hun its all up2 what you belive in at the time if 1 matchs you then thats the 1 you follow..

Answer #16

This question you posted about a year ago, are you still interested?

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