Islam: religion vs. Culture: Are these two being combined? Discuss

I have to write 6 pages research paper on this topic and it is due in a few days. Is there some one who can help me with this essay somehow or just explain it a little further? I found this topic very confusing and don’t know how to get started. Thanks.

Answer #1

Yes they are…In a way Islam is becoming synonimious with Arabic culture…

Even living in a south east asian muslim country it seems that here there is a lot of “arabication”=> whatever the term is I just made that up…as in making everything more arabic in hopes of becoming more muslim…

I mean christianity can be merged into each different cultures from Africa to Asia…but islam seems to be exclusively arabic…

In malaysia the true definition of being malay is not being of malay heritage since malaysia has both chinese and indian population..but being a MUSLIM…then you are considered malay and it is very arabicised again another term I made up…as well.

Well thats really what I got from the title…maybe it’s not at all what your looking for I just interpreted it that way but good luck (:-)

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