iran or iraq or some country like that

what is all the hooplah going on over there rightnow? all I heard is that people are protesting cause the elections were rigged. is there any info I am missing?

Answer #1

Boy you two better watch the News better for Im on My 3rd tour in Iraq an on My 4th day In-Country since I shipped out on 6/25/09 an its just that the news stations an such isnt really helping out the situation by some of there bogus BULLS_!!!Cause since I’ve been here its like I never left were still fetting sneered at an spit on an so with the N.Korean stuff also heating up dont help either.

Answer #2

now that has a lot of history. it wasnt just about elections. that part of teh world has been torn apart by religious tension. and I think the girl that got shot was a lot of tension between the peoples of iran just spilling over

Answer #3

There are protests going on because the guy in power won by a landslide, even in his oppositions home towns… the supreme leader (note, this is the guy that actually holds the power) has basically said stopped protesting… he is kinda stuck, and things are still sorting themselves out…

Obama has already discussed what is going on. He isnt showing all out support for the opposition, because that would be like a republican endorsing a democrat… it really wouldnt help the democrats position… but he has stated disapproval of violence towards peaceful protests…

Answer #4

that pretty much sums it up- I heard that their supreme leader admitted something about the elections being rigged- I haven’t verified that information yet. many people are protesting in the streets and being threatened with military force if they don’t stop.

I believe all “heck” is about to break loose in that country.

curious to see how long it takes “obama” to start discussing what is happening with the iranian government.

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