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So what do people think on this. A war with iran is very much so in the pipeline. All we see here in the west, in the mainstream media, is that iran is so bad. Really really bad. Lol. Imo theyre just blindin us for the big trip. And if we, the people, fall for it again, then we only have ourselves to blame fore being so ignorant.
Something people should realise aswell, if we do go to war with iran, then dont think for 1 second that iran will be the only country we will have to fight with. It will not be the simple demolition of a country that iraq was. This could turn into a global conflict very very easily. Would like some feedback on this

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I think an unprovoked attack by israel would not be well received internationaly. It would be tough to come to there defence if they start it.

Iran doing something toward israel is the only way we would get involved in a war with Iran.

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no, my friend, israel will start the war. israel, who for some reason have had the west kissin their arse for the past 50 years! if isael get involved, the west in turn will.

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except for rwanda in the early 90s. nearly 1 million were murdered due to their religion. but yeah apart from that theres no other comparison

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I was listening to NPR tonight and there was a report that Hummers are the new status symbol in Iraq. There are dealerships opening and selling them in all sorts of bright colors.

Yep, Iraq was a victory. Now they have the freedom to be as decadent and wasteful as Americans.

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The West cannot afford a war with Iran. Even if it were militarily and financially possible (which it isn't), it's not politically possible.

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oh please.us wont b attacking iran.Iran is way too strong and united.they havent the guts.theyre just hovering over it.:)

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looks like I was right

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nice answer

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I have to disagree. for 1 iraq hasnt been stablized. unless of course you mean that its now run by america with american interests at heart ( just look at the enslavement of south america). it is a country at war with itself. it has no 'peace and prosperity' prosperous for them would have been to let the iraqis profit from rebuilding their overly demolished country, not to put the job of the reconstruction into the hands of western construction companies to profit

sadaam may have or may not have been a madman. for sure the media portrayed him as such. do you really believe everything the media says? remember since the invention of the television and indeed radio governments alike have known that it is an easy way to manipulate the minds of many. (take the way the original radio transmition in britain of the 'war of the worlds' affected millions of britains) we, sadly, believe what were told.

say what you want about sadaam, but he kept the country and the middle east (who for long before we ever set foot there were killing each other, ) in check. both a good and a bad thing I might add. bad because of the way it was enforced

the war in iraq was completely illegal. completely. but america threw their weight about (not alone I might add) and after much critisism went ahead with the war anyways, claiming that they had proof that sadaam had wmd's. to this day not a single wmd has ever been found. nor has the 'evidence' which was promised to be disclosed, ever been produced.

to think that the middle east would welcome conforming to a way of life the west has long since adopted is ludicrous. its time we live and let live and forget about converting other countries to a way of life that doesnt work for the majority but benefits the few. (if you value any sort of freedom).

the west is not the world police and I do believe we will have a chance soon to change everything

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Well, with Bush nearly out of power, I don't think he'll start a war with Iran, and I don't think Obama will either unless they attack the US directly (which they won't). So I don't see war between the US and Iran as likely regardless of all the saber rattling.

The most the US will do, is send missiles in to support Israel if it comes to that.

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"Saddam Hitler was very detrimental to Iraq. Whether you agree or not, the U.S. and its allies may very well have prevented the rise of another Hitler comparable to Germany's."

Oh please ethmer. You are better than that. You disrespect the victims of the holocaust when you compare saddam to hitler and germany. What hitler did has no modern day comparison.

Saddam was a powerless, tin-pot dictator who was not threatening anyone at the time we invaded. The cost of his removal in blood and treasure has been disgraceful.

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kingofpop. war with iraq was seen by many as politically impossible. and downright illegal. and about the money scenario, it seems a valid point. but I have no doubt in my mind it is something that could be overcome

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I think you may all be surprised. I think the stabilizing of Iraq is going to be seen by many in the middle east as a good thing and may lead the populations of places like Iran into striving for the same type of government, peace and prosperity.

Saddam Hitler was very detrimental to Iraq. Whether you agree or not, the U.S. and its allies may very well have prevented the rise of another Hitler comparable to Germany's.

I don't think there will be a WW III. There may certainly be small skirmishes but the current and evolving Great powers are becoming too smart to engage in a world conflict.

In general, if we give Peace a chance, Peace will prevail.

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I believe that the "global conflict" you speak of has been building for quite some time.
the problems with the soviet union and georgia, the recent terrorist attacks in india- by terrorists from pakistan. the attrocities being committed in a few african countries.the definate "religious" clashes and differences, and the nuclear aspirations of iran- as well as their involvement in supplying those we are fighting against in iraq, the supposed calm and compliance of north korea - yes the idea of the next world war is not so far fetched.

I think the entire world is about to be shook up and reorganized- maybe via the wheels of war- maybe via diplomacy, but something has got to give- I thought living during the cold war was somewhat stressful- but it is nothing compared to what could possibly be over the horizon.
I believe a war with iran is going to push iran, and the soviet union, north korea into a potential alliance- and ww III will be off and running.

the wild cards in this scenario- pakistan, india, CHINA, southeast asia,as well as the countries of the middle east and north africa, where these countries align could be very interesting.

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