How do you insert the suppositories?

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1.Lay on your left side with your right leg pulled up towards your chest.

2.Lubricate the tip of the suppository and/or your anus with either water or a water-based lubricant (eg. KY Jelly).

3.Digitally stimulate the rectum by making small circles inside with your finger.

4.Insert the lubricated tip of the suppository well up into the rectal opening.

5.Push it in using your index finger (or your pinky for younger children) as far as it will go, and hold against the rectal wall for a few seconds, this will keep it in place.

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Just push it in! They're glossy and wet, sorta. Your sphincter will help ya out!

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Hole is correct, although I cant give a better reasoning, I would never let anything near my butt.

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Yeah, the suppositories usually have a tapered end, sorta. You insert it in that direction.

how come when I insert my tampon it doesnt go up straight?

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