How come when i insert my tampon it doesnt go up straight?

when I insert a tampon it doesnt go up sraight, I goes to the left. I have tried to push it up straight but it wont it can only go to the left, it doesnt hurt or feel uncomfortable when it is to the left but it hurts when I try to push it straight. is this normal or am I doing any damage to myself? PLEASE HELP!

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Every womans cervix has a different angle shape depending on the time of the month ovulation etc...dont worry. Ask your doctor the next time you see him/her.

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im not too sure, follow the directons on the instructions that come with the tampons
you should be pushing them straight but on an angle
or use google to find a picture of how to insert the tampon if you cant find the instructions
if it doesnt hurt when its to the left, and it absorbs your flow and you can get it out easily without it hurting, it might be normal
but you could always see a doctor just in case

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