Anyone that attends church, do you all have a kind Pastor? or Not?

Anyone that attends church do you all have a kind Pastor? Or not? Just wondering. I know for me, I have a kind and sweet leader in my church. He has the spirit. Would that be the same for your pastors?

Answer #1

of course! my pastor is wonderful. looks cute as well.

but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says 100% though

Answer #2

my priest is lovely. Hes very kind and understanding. He is also one of the chaplains at my university and he sends all the students an email during every exam period wishing them well.

Answer #3

I have a wonderful pastor. We just moved as well and it took a while to find a church that felt right, but I still really miss my old pastor.

Answer #4

ha , yes . my pastor is really great . when he gets ahold of the holy spirt , -he really gets loud&screams and things like that . he hits the pulpit , then makes a joke & makes everybody laugh . hes really kind , I love him like a dad .

Answer #5

I think people gravitate toward people in leadership that reflect their own hopes, desires, etc.

The only way that someone would stay under leadership that is less than desirable, would be due to fear, or being misguided.

The bible says that “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.”

We all seek to be free.. not bound.

Cults seek to control… Jesus came that we may be free.

Answer #6

Yeah! I just started going to a new church because I just moved. My Pastor is very very nice and my old one was too. Generally they are. I am Catholic and that means that my Priest (that’s what we call ‘em) can’t get married. My step father was a Priest before he married my mom and he is the kindest, sweetest most soft-hearted person I know.

It’s awesome :]

Answer #7

christiannity is an excuse to sin because you beleive god will forgive you

Answer #8

not you people personally but some people might use that as an excuse, so please dont take offence

Answer #9

yeah. he get’s me excited, he get’s loud and yells, lol but he’s so sweet. after church he comes and prays with everyone about their problems.

Answer #10

That’s not true up there. ^^^ Yes, I have a kind pastor.

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