Answer #1

Yes. It’s genetic. Even if neither of your parents have one.

Answer #2

whats windows peak?

Answer #3

It is when the hairline on the forehead comes a little bit more down to the forehead, makin kind of an “M” shape. If you watch NCIS, I think Ziva has one.

Answer #4

oooooh like a devil’s halo? thats what ive heard it being called :p

Answer #5

Haha! Yeah sure I think you can call it that. Never heard of it though. If you want a better example look up Zinedine Zidane, he is a French Soccer Player (considered the best by some). He has a big widowspeak.

Answer #6

i have a widows. but none of my parents have one. but my family doesn’t no where it came from /:

Answer #7

Yeah, same here. I have one and I am pretty sure It’s a recessive trait.

Answer #8

Widows Peaks are genetic. So yes, you probably got a gene from one or both of your parents, but genes can skip generations so you could have even inherited the gene from your grandparents.

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