How do I get my bangs to stop splitting in half?

I have side bangs that swish almost all the way across my forhead. To make them look good I have to get them wet and blow dry them and slightly straighten them. But I ALWAYS have a small split right in the middle and it makes it look really bad. I try really hard to get rid of it, but it wont go away. Do you have any advice on how to make it go away?

Answer #1

You’re going to have to train them. Before you go to bed each night, comb it over how you want it…and clip it in place. During the day, use hairspray or something similar to keep it in place. Eventually…it should stay how your want it. It may take a few days, or a few weeks.

Answer #2

Alright! Thankyou! :D

Answer #3

No problem, I hope it helps. :]

Answer #4

I have the same problem, but I had them since september ! :@! I’m gonna try what angelee saidd.

Answer #5

Yeah my bangs have been like this for a long time, and i’m excited to fix it! ^.^

Answer #6

What kind of bangs do you have?

Mine are thick and side swept. They used to be really thin and never stay together. when I got more hair added to them it helped, so you can also try getting them made thicker if their really thin :)

Answer #7

They swoop to the side because that is the way the hair has grown. Like imagine a tree, if you had a normal tree, then wanted the tree to grow in a different direction you would have to train it with wooden posts or wire. What you need to do, it, like Angel said, clip it in the middle before you go to bed, and have it clipped when you are just at home chilling. When the new hair starts growing, it will groe straight out into a fringe shape, as opposed to the hair you have now which has been trained to grow to the side.

Though keep in mind that some people who have widows peaks or a double crown can never have a solid fringe as the hair tendencies are too strong.

Answer #8

Hope my answer helps both of you. :P

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