milk spots

how do yu stop getting them and get rid of milk spots!!! I ahve inherited them from my dad and I hate them!! they look like zits!!! I have tried piercing the skin with a sharp needle then removing them that way but it hurts. is there any way to stop them?

Answer #1

There is no possible solution to stopping them BUT… to conquer them when you first get them do this… Boil the kettle, into a plastic container get a cotton wool bud and dip in to the water. Twist the end of the cotton wool bud so you are just burning the spot not your face. This may sting a little because it is boiling water, but it works! Do this Morning and night for about 3 days. Eventually it will come to a head. Now this may seem painful- but it isn’t! Get th tweesers and pull of the head ( it WONT hurt) ( if it is a head- it wont work if it isn’t a head) Now white stuff will come out ( this is what makes the spots look white) squeese it out with a tissue- it may bleed, in 3 days it will be gone! Simple guys x PS - DONT DO THIS ON YOUR BABY!

Answer #2 According to this article, there is no specific treatment for milk spots.

My dad and I get them too… I leave them alone till they are bigger than I stab them with a needle and put anti bacterial on them… however… according to this article, that probably doesn’t really help.

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