How can I reduce redness?

OK. soo I have inherited some bad jeans, I have ugly hair on my upper lip, but I do trim and bleach it so you cant see it BUT, I just bleached (using Joleen hair bleach) and when I washed it off, there was a red mark exactly where the bleach had been!!! oh no!!! and now im going to see my boyfriend in like an hour and I need a quick way to reduce the redness!! PLEASE HELP! I am a 13 yr. old girl by the way

Answer #1

I’m sure within the hour some of the redness will go down : ] Just put a little make up over it like iaskloads suggested. Have you ever though of waxing the hair instead of bleaching it? You could by some Nair wax strips and use them. It’s probably a hundred more times better than bleaching, since that doesn’t remove that hair it just turns it a different colour. You should wax at night though so any redness would of gone down by morning.


Answer #2

I would go make up for a quick fix but never use bleach again!!! was is a whole lot better. I have the same problem as you xcpet I have black hair on my arms, tummy hands and even feet!!! so I shave (not arms or tummt) and wax my lip. Ok it hurts for the first couple of times, but you get used to it! and they get finer and lighter over time so that is a better option.

Hope that helps… Will xx

Answer #3

U should try the cream from Avon…u just put a layer on and let it set for 3 minutes and then wipe it away , the first time when you touch it , it will feel funny, but only the first or second time…I use it all the time, no redness or anything, and I have extremely sensitive skin :)

Answer #4

ooft. thank you people :)

Answer #5

Try a cold compress or ice.

Answer #6

hey I’ve had a girlfriend since I was 11 there’s nothing wrong with it

Answer #7

make-up ?

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