Why do people care to keep me alive?

WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN CARE!!! I did trust one person with this whole killing myself this and he just got mad at me and told me to Funk off and go kill myself. I can’t go to my parents because they will make me go back to the shrink and I HATED THAT!! I can’t go back to a shrink…they just make me relive every feeling I ever had. I can’t go to my boyfriend I cause I love him so much and if I told him any of this it would break his heart…so I just keep it to myself and hide the places I cut myself so he doesn’t find out…it works…

Answer #1

So how do you think your boyfriend will fill if you kill yourself? He is going to be alone and sad that you are gone… he will cry… just think of the people who love you and get help… at any cost… you shouldn’t do this, but you are your own person… so you have to decide if you really want to hurt these people that love you.


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