I'm getting sick of weight obsessed people

I realise it’s mostly girls, but I am getting tired of - ‘I’m not going to eat for 3 years’ crap…I know I am going to get some abuse for this, and you know, I don’t care.

It’s disturbing the amount of girls who ‘ask’ how to loose weight, and I’m not talking about sensible 3 meals a day cut ut the crap and a bit of exercise diet - I’m refering to starvation!.

Am I so out of touch with realisty that I am wrong? And weight and size is the prevailing issue? That being a normal healthy weight is now percieved as being over weight?

Do many girls really think that starving their bodies is either intelligent, clever, going to make them more popular? Do most of these girls not realise that what starts of as a ‘crash diet’ will ultimately result in them loosing control of their eating habits and become completely consumed by their need to be thin?

If you are one of these girls. Do you not understand themadness of conciously making a decision to stop eating, which is what fundamentally keeps you alive.

I understand genuine anorexia and bullemia - what I don’t understand are the people who strive to take on this lifestyle, with an illusion that it is ‘fine’ or they’re ‘in-control’

I simply worried about the health of so many, pretty, already slim girls who seek to be too thin.

Am I wrong?

Answer #1

It drives me nuts. And the people wanting to lose like 30 pounds in a week… its simple ridiculous. Some people really need to clue back in to reality.

Answer #2

but we’re not talkin about overweight girls…at least im not

and not all of them have a problem AND you have no clue, because I do know what they suffer from. I once though that starvation was the answer and it messed me up. BUT I learnt and why was it that I resorted to starvation? because I was I didnt want to do the other stuff. sure, ok my mistake. not ALL are lazy but some r. so dont be telling me I have no idea and that sh!t. geez

Answer #3

Oh well…I say let them do what they want to do. they’ll see the consequenses of their actions. I think media and peer pressure give them distorted images of themselves and even with celebs today, that it’s okay to starve themselves to lose weight. I don’t think they’re lazy, just mentally tortured and they need help. It’s best to support these girls in getting better than putting them down.

Answer #4

I can understand completely what you are saying but im one of those girls lol. I think its a little pathetic too but according to recent surverys women think about their figure every minute?!!! on average. I think most of it is media influenced but its kind of a teenage craze. also during puberty you tend to put on a lot of weight, so this maybe an explanation into the hundreds of questions on losing weight.

Answer #5

I agree with what others has said,I hate it when when all these skinny girls, cry im fat, if you are then what am I?? I think the media has killed girls, they think they have to be so freakin skinny, if ya ask me its sickenin, I mean its ok to be skinny, but I mean not so skinny ya can see everythin or you look like a pole…its healthy to have some meat on ya bones, I understand ya dont want to be overweight, but good grief, loose weight ok, but dont starve ya self…

Answer #6

yeah me too there are tons of people like this wats wrong with just eating healthly, excercising and just being more active. you dont put on weight that way people are just lazy now so they want to take the “easy way out” hence-starvation. they’re just lazy to excercise and eat right.

Answer #7

Thank you for actually bringing this up! I am one of the normal ones-I weigh 132, eat three big meals a day, snack all the time, get a little bit of exercise. Then all these 100 pound girls are saying they are sooo fat and how can anyone stand to be more than 80 lbs. This issue really needs help in our society!

Answer #8

I hate people like that! its really not worth it! why wood you ssslllooowwwlllyyy KILL urself by starvation to b skinny?? theres other ways to lose wate..I say you dont really have to b skinny, just t get to a weight were you like urself! dont b an anerexic twig!

Answer #9

girl I might not no you but im supper sikiny and people call me anerexed all the time that dont mean im a eat to I get fat if you no your pretty dont warry bout what these hater say about you so you keep eating just make sureyou eat something health every day

Answer #10

I don’t know. I like the lazy idea. seems like a quick fix. and loosing weight sensibly is going to take longer and takes more effort…any everyone seems to want everything NOW - or yesterday!

Answer #11

Let’s just say

I AGREE WITH YOU!!! I’m also sick of girls (I’m a girl too) but anyway..girls who are 80 pounds and still think they’re fat. Yeah, it’s very ridiculous.

Answer #12

I know some people are lucky they don’t put on weight (actually I have a mate who hates that she can’t put on weight - but hey) anyway, I know some people don’t and that’s fine (although I’m slighty envious lol!)

but its the ones who point blank decide not to eat that worry me…

Answer #13

Starving yourself is horrible for your health, you can suffer from malnutrition; develop austioperosis, and many other problems. Also when you don’t have enough blood sugar it can make you into a real mess emotionally and physically. Anorexia is a horrible and dangerous problem.

Answer #14

im very sick of it.. people seem to think being 100lbs is suddenly obese!

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