Why do I keep hearing people I know?

I feel very paranoid. Like when I go to sleep in complete silence and I hear people talking in my head, not like real voices like Schizophrenics get, but just people I know voices, I want to know why this happens. I also want to know if I should go to a doctor or not, my mom thinks I am just paranoid and says I shouldnt’ go.

Answer #1

Probably best that you seek help to solve this - some feel getting this kind of help makes them weak or means they are “crazy.” But that is not true. If you need help, seeing a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist is the right thing to do. Everyone has problems sometimes, and it’s smart to take charge and work them out…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

I know first hand it sucks not being able to sleep when you want to. I’m not sure exactly why it’s happening I’m not a doctor. However, the first thing that comes to mind is stress or maybe a major change in your everyday life. If silence is getting to you then try listening to some music while going to sleep or turn the t.v. on. If it continues and becomes bothersome or worst, you might want to just go check things out with the doctor to ease your mind. Hope things get better soon.

Answer #3

I know!!! The same thing happened to me!!!

Answer #4

Okay Nikki, I can talk to you on funmail, but my myspace will not let me send messages or read them so i will fun mail you! Check your funmail by the way. Good Luck!

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