How to keep holding back the tears?

I have been so sad lately..I hide my sadness from everyone,If only I wasnt so alone,my dad hasnt called me in 1o confused about boys,and I am self conscious,I need help ,whats can I do to not burst in tears in front of my freinds at school or my teachers.Everyday I try and hold back tears,and swallow the lump in my thoat,Im afraid no one understands me,people scold me..and I havent done anything but be nice to everyone.None of my freinds listen to me..but I listen to them,should I stop caring too???should I just treat the world how it is treating me??I just dont want to cry no more..

and to tell you the truth..I couldnt help but to cry as writing this..

Answer #1

Well if you need to cry let the tears flow. Trying to hold it all in is not good for you.Never stop caring, continue to be you. can you find anyone to talk to maybe a therapist or teacher. You may just be having a rough time and that is ok. You do not need to be happy all the time. But do try to do things that make you happy.You can not go around caring about everyone else and not yourself.

Answer #2

Talk too yhur mum about the boiiz, ask yhur friends 2 listen and hunnii just forget about yhur dad… put it this wayy iff he doesnt care enough 4 yhu 2 call yhu then stop caring 4 himm.Ignore thaa people hu scold yhuu and just do yhur best its as good as yhu can do. good luck xx♥

Answer #3

It might be a good idea if you talked to a councilor, maybe even try and contact your Dad this Christmas. Take Care :)

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