When i'm starting to cry, why do my eyes hurt/burn when i'm not even wearing makeup?

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If they're hurting, it could be the residue left on by the tears. Tears that stay there, that eventually dry, leave behind a residue of salt/dirt. This effect is emphasized if you rubbed your eyes during the cry.

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That happens to me too! Like when me eyes start watering it hurts but then when I actually cry it doesn't hurt! Its the same when I eat too but in my mouth lolz

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Your tears have salt in them and sometimes the salt content is higher if you have not been drinking enough water, which could cause your eyes to burn. Other possibilities include scratching on your cornea that the salt from the tears irritate, OR perhaps an infection in your tear ducts. If you have any other symptoms in or around your eyes you might want to see a doc!

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you may be suffering from dry eye .this being a medical question i guess you need a doctors forum .try proctoraid com .may help

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