Why am I having pregnancy symptoms even though I'm on my period?

My boyfriend and I do not use birth control. Over the last 10days or so, I’ve been extremely tired even falling asleep at work. Also, I’ve been nauseous sometimes caused by smells, motion, and thoughts of certain foods. My breast have been tender and heavy with my areolas seeming to be darker (my nipples tend to hurt right before my period but it’s been my whole breast this time and have been hurting for almost two weeks). I normally have a very heavy period lasting 7days with sever cramping but this month my period started 2days ago but has been very light and with little to no cramping. I took a HPT 3days before my period was supposed to start because of the symptoms and it was negative. Is it possible that I am pregnant even though I’m on my period?

Answer #1

I am on my 3rd pregnancy and with #2 I bled at the very beginning of my pregnancy and thought I had miscarried. My doctor told me that you can have your regular period at the start. I would definitely take a test and see. Its possible. Good luck!

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